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Shorten website addresses and share them with your friends!

Licence: Free
Publisher: 46Bit


Zly.me description:

Just viewing a website that wants to love you and show it to your friends have you been? The URL you want to send people, but not too long, isn’t it?
If this situation sounds familiar, we are sure you will be happy to learn zly.shorten a web address that enables sharing on social networks and major web application.
All you have to do to shorten the website address in the appropriate field enter the URL to perform the act of taking a very short version. Such address with a password protect, customize the resulting URL or ‘deciding whether or not to Share, you can configure additional options such as clicking the bar.
And the ‘share bar’, you might ask? Zly shortened by a bar at the top of the browser when you visit a website address, find another thing.me. This bar (Facebook, Twitter, delicious, Digg etc.) Provides quick access to the main social networks. thus, you can share the web site you are viewing.
Another interesting feature Zly.you are viewing the navigator with a bookmark to open that Page in another tab without having to interrupt the navigation or the page you are viewing is the ability to shorten web addresses.