WinWatermark WinWatermark

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Insert watermarks in your digital pictures!

Version: 2.8.4
Licence: Trial


WinWatermark description:

If your photos and protect your images when you upload them on the internet if you want to mark copies of masterpieces and creations you will need an app to avoid people.
WinWatermark is a very good choice for you to add a watermark to your digital pictures. True, it takes more than 2 seconds and it works.
WinWatermark is to add a watermark, no matter text or a small logo though. If any text, font, size and color, if you have a picture, they created the watermark in JPG, BMP or ICO files to replace.
Another feature that makes the program better winwatermark stamping fully by selecting the level of transparency the watermark allows you to personalize and place them in the direction.