Webcam Simulator Webcam Simulator

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Don't have a webcam? Simulate one with some pre-recorded video!

Version: 7.3
Licence: Trial

Webcam Simulator

Webcam Simulator description:

Webcam Simulator XP Edition, to emulate a webcam, that actually are similar to one or you can even use fake webcam.
If you are planning to play a joke on your friends or family, this program will help to carry out his evil plan.
Just use the broadcast mode you want to enable and select video. These are images from a webcam, then you can send the video via any instant messenger system.
Webcam Simulator may be used for other purposes, for example, if you have a large video, you can use this program to show a friend without having to send instantly.
If you do not know how to configure the program, set up to work with different messaging clients such as MSN Messenger or Yahoo webcam simulator is a quick guide to contains.