Watermark Image Watermark Image

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Add watermarks to your images and resize them!

Licence: Free
Publisher: andromeda IT

Watermark Image
Watermark Image

Watermark Image description:

Of the watermark image is an effective tool for the protection of copyrighted images in a simple and automatic manner.
The number of programs should be Unlimited, which will include an entire batch of images and different sizes allows you to add a text or graphic watermark for it.
All you need to do is select the source folder and the destination folder, and choose different parameters for both adding watermark and resizing options, in this case I want to change the size of all the images.
The watermark configuration options, add transparency, place in different areas of the image, or select the font and size, the watermark must be in text format.
In this way, those pictures no one uses them without your permission, you won’t have to spend countless hours of adding a watermark to ensure that.