W5GO Addition & Subtraction W5GO Addition & Subtraction

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Learn basic math while you play!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Ecocarrier Inc.

W5GO Addition & Subtraction
W5GO Addition & Subtraction
W5GO Addition & Subtraction

W5GO Addition & Subtraction description:

W5GO Additional and subtraction while having fun to add little ones to help you learn subtraction, multiplication and division game.
To apply knowledge of basic mathematics and extremely useful to discover how how to be able to do Additional and subtraction addition and subtraction W5GO the idea behind is simple: a story that teaches children. On this occasion the mother of a little girl to help make his daughter’s birthday cake. Or how many people come to the party then cake on each plate, and then you’ll have to divide the cake between the number of children. As you move in the future you have to help mom freeze out all sugar, etc have the same amount of.
Very clear examples to apply their knowledge while providing Additional and subtraction W5GO kids to learn count, add, add, subtract, multiply, and divide without even realizing it helps. All this makes an extremely interesting addition to teach children that math can be fun and W5GO application uninstallation.