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Movies, series, and documentaries for your streaming pleasure!

Version: 2.0.7
Licence: Free
Publisher: Voddler Group


Voddler description:

Voddler is a streaming rental service. However, voddler websites directly from hundreds of movies, series and documentaries you can watch. All you have to do is register and download a small plugin.
After signing up, you can browse to find the voddler movie and series Catalog. These are usually a new version is available, although some cost a little more. Old movies and series with just a little free advertising in the press can be played.
Voddler Catalog, currently over 500 films, more than 250 full-and more than 30 documentary series. Modest numbers of this kind, but the catalog is still growing and a lot of the content is completely free.
Voddler movie, online streaming service and a great series as long as you have a good internet connection, you can enjoy your favorite shows anytime and anywhere thanks documentaries.