Video Cutter Max Video Cutter Max

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Cut and trim videos in three easy steps!

Licence: Free
Publisher: FireBallFTP

Video Cutter Max
Video Cutter Max
Video Cutter Max

Video Cutter Max description:

Video Cutter Max cut and crop and save it as a smaller file that will allow users a simple editing tool.
When editing the interface of the program can be done by following the Three steps suggested time the program is opened. The first step is just opening the clip by setting start and end time for the video game occurs.
The second step comprises detecting the format of the file and directory. AVI, MP4, PSP, iPod, MP4 can be saved as.
The third and final step, just for this reason â€Start€™ button and let the application do its magic requires. (Long is not very big the selected clip) clip will be ready in a few seconds.
Video Cutter Max is a very useful tool due to two main reasons: the users record a video clip will allow you to do this in a very easy way.