The Repairian The Repairian

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Have an interactive experience in Reparian with this app!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Android

The Repairian
The Repairian
The Repairian

The Repairian description:

This Repairman in the area, both aimed at helping to reduce water and soil pollution of the North Chicago River and began as a sustainable community. Now, i> Repairmanbearing the name of the application <thanks to complex, you can visit them online through the use of a virtual reality system.
Install the app, visit the web site and the repairman on the screen, this eco-community to obtain a 3D model of fully detailed check out the different photos shown. Rotate and protect the region north of the Chicago River to see closely the virtual model there’s so much to this you can explore every corner of a sustainable society use your smart phone.