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Funny mini car races with reminiscences of TrackMania!

Version: 4.5
Licence: Trial
Publisher: Sector3


StuntMANIA description:

Which StuntMANIA loopings, horses, classic cars and many more small circuits filled with obstacles and funny reminding we drive Trackmania racing game.
A taxi, a truck, army jeeps, a police car or even select a tool from a long list including a flying plate. All in all a very funny look.
Eleven different circuits challenge the other competitors in corn, sweet, a medieval castle and more. To test these circuits you will put yourself, and to make the best sled you have to jump and make loopings to be the winner.
Teletransportacion race during the game, Super Jumps, low gravity, extra speed, thanks to understand that of different to do some power-ups you’ll find.
StuntMANIA realism instead of arcade style racing games that offers very funny. Give it a try, and you will be amazed.