STDU Explorer STDU Explorer

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Find and view images and e-books quickly!

Version: 1.0.517
Licence: Free
Publisher: STDUtility

STDU Explorer
STDU Explorer
STDU Explorer

STDU Explorer description:

STDU explorer on HD and stored all pictures from e-books is an application that allows you to find and view. The following formats: PSD, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, wmf, PDF and DjVu support.
ST cut, copy, paste, or can do basic functions such as rename items. Also contains a list of shortcuts and book marks with Adjustable Clip-Art.
Also program icons, pictures, and e-books for offers different view modes.
The functions that are included in this free e-book reader can read books with that might be interesting for the fans of the book isn’t particularly new, while the pictures with STDU Explorer and e-books is as easy to manage.