Scratch Scratch

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A programming language aimed at kids!

Version: 2.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Lifelong Kindergarten


Scratch description:

From scratch, even small children begin familiarizing themselves with the computer and a programming language for children that led to application development.
Pre program source code from scratch a series of defined instructions that has been dragged and dumped in the area of development of substitutes. Loops and if’ or ‘case’ like ‘instructions check for the socket operations, such as a graphical form the rest of the idioms used.
Each group of commands corresponds to a color code. So, this to control movement, deal with the Orange, Blue; sound, deals with purple; and this.
In addition, some numerical instructions is a variable which is able to see ways to on the surface environment, allows for. Use Sprite along with the application or program you can draw your own from the drawing window.
You can find some really impressive projects on your own website from scratch, but is designed to complement small programs.