ROX-Filer ROX-Filer

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Explore your file system in a simple and intuitive way!

Version: 2.10
Licence: Free
Publisher: Stephen Watson


ROX-Filer description:

A multiplicity of open offer for GNOME Nautilus is the file browser like it was made with the most advanced, and most of us we know.
How long the program takes up system resources, but can be very annoying, but Nautilus is not for everyone.
ROX-Filer to GNU/Linux is easy and intuitive, to navigate and all files that consume excessive system resources free and open source application.
Despite its extreme simplicity, ROX-Filer is also a list that contains each file information, preview images, or to view hidden files with just one click, plus it includes some advanced features such as the ability to.
For these reasons, ROX-Filer is a good alternative for Nautilus.