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Shorten and customize the URLs you share online!

Version: 2014
Licence: Free
Publisher: Puki.me


Puki.me description:

Which.any web site blogs, media, and images produced by super-long, shorten links is a web application. But this tool only (like bit. ly, for example) to create shorter links. Also however you want to customize the URL, and the audience can provide you with the statistics it provides.
The interface is very easy, very simple, and functionality. Paste the URL of the main page if it contains bar, then the ‘Shorten’ to get the result. It’s so easy.
Also if you want to customize these links, just the ‘Advanced Options’ button. (Which you can add other names such as.uptodown for example’/me URL or add a description for statistics for geographic use a label, or even different websites to direct people to the same URL.
Which.thanks to all these options give good results as you develop marketing strategies thanks to the simple customizations that you can apply to post links.