Prensa España Prensa España

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Check all the Spanish newspapers on a single application!

Version: 2.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: MiscoTronic

Prensa España description:

If you be informed if you want to check different newspapers a day and is supposed to, but unless you want to be mobile all the individual applications, so get involved and back in memory with this useful tool you can change.
Often a single application published in various newspapers in Spain and a ball all information from foreign sources-so you can access all the news from a single platform.
Sports, general, special, all the news of this useful application you want filtered and organized by the autonomous communities the local news, you can find it much easier to read.
Marca, Mundo real, and many issues such as sports application, among others: El País, ABC, El Mundo, La Raza3n, La Vanguardia, 20 minutes, sports newspapers. Also are broadcast by Hola! Me Cuore, Pronto, TU¡lvame, a few minutes, Qua© Dice! and touch.
Each new update is added to the library with a new regional newspapers. Foreign sleek±gathers a large number of magazines and newspapers that you can find elsewhere.