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All of a DJ's tools, in your browser!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free


PartyCloud description:

PartyCloud users directly to a browser tab that you can use to remix your favorite song in a full mix is a Google Chrome extension that provides access to the table.
The app, among others, provides users with more than twenty million songs in the renowned groups such as justice and Skrillex, so the SoundCloud music database.
When it comes to mixing, every one of them is your available options just, loops, SFX, BPM, effects, and much more combining dozens of variables to include two songs from the application. All of this simply a very simple interface that allows you to do this by using your mouse can be used.
PartyCloud is the perfect tool for mixing songs. Is very easy to use and gives excellent results. When using it moreover, it takes very little time to install and takes very little time, any of your computer’s resources.