MultiURL MultiURL

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Save various website addresses in one!

Licence: Free
Publisher: VLD Interactive


MultiURL description:

Sometimes I want to import a list of web addresses you type them all one by one and an e-mail message or was there?
By using TinyUrl or a similar URL service to save time and a multi-bit now to send and receive messages, you can win a seat.which ly, to shorten website addresses, thereby a connection to an address where you can be able to save a couple of them within the group.
Creating this list is easy. All you have to do, and, if desired, a list of names for a name and password for such connections to protect the connections to add additional information such as a web address to save to enter it by.
MultiURL free by creating an account, then create listings and edit them to get them to remember the facility and also save.
Each list links to 50 web site addresses, links, you can store them for more than enough for any group. Beyond that, just keep multiplying probability in connection with which lists you can create lists.