Mozilla Weave Mozilla Weave

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Sync Firefox info and access it from any computer!

Version: 1.0.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Mozilla Labs

Mozilla Weave

Mozilla Weave description:

Mesh and (bookmarks) browser information that synchronizes Firefox plugin, Mozilla, or a server of your own history, passwords,… scan.
The information that is sent to the server is secure and by anyone, not by the server can be accessed. It’s password protected.
Each time the user connects to the server at specific intervals depending on the needs of the mesh. If only every 24 hours from more than one computer to connect to login from a computer that you access several times a day, will be connected.
Mesh settings for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to enjoy a very interesting program from different computers. If you are using Firefox if you are using a different computer, the same computer if the browsing history and access the same bookmarks means that you can use.