MacFuse MacFuse

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Lets you implement file systems within the application!

Version: 2.0.3
Licence: Free
Publisher: singh


MacFuse description:

MacFuse is able to work dynamically with specific applications to create a virtual file system that Mac OS X already available on the UNIX operating system the rest of a function: talent applies.
The user also INSURANCE, also known as user privileges within the file system a virtual file system that allows a user to create any application without the original name for a Unix tool.
The combined use of other programs MacFuse with NTFS-3G (Windows file system) disk partition to write to, until now, such as Mac OS X, for example, allows you to carry out tasks that were not allowed.
Other compatible operating systems macfuse (FTP read/write) ftpfs, wdfs (WebDAV), cryptofs, encfs, bindfs, etc.