Lux Lite Lux Lite

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Automatically calibrate the brightness of your Android!

Version: v1.0-2015-09-08l
Licence: Free
Publisher: Vito Cassisi

Lux Lite
Lux Lite
Lux Lite

Lux Lite description:

Lux Lite is an application to calibrate your video device. On Android setting is much more effective. This (Intelligent Auto) screen brightness will help save battery the way. So it is more comfortable to look at your device, the app automatically reduces the brightness of the screen when you enter something in a lit room. You’ll save battery and at the same time.
Lux Lite application setup options you can customize however you want. A specific context is proposed for the brightness too high or too low do you think? Just manually adjust configuration to use Lux in a similar situation and thus always forget that your existing content and connect.
Lux Lite is a very useful application for Android that allows you to enjoy a little more. Your screen more comfortable-looking that will make you not only save battery but at the same time will help.