Kids Math Kids Math

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Learn how to add and subtract in a really fun way!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Valeriy Skachko

Kids Math
Kids Math
Kids Math

Kids Math description:

Kids math learn math in a fun and interactive way that can help boys and girls really a really interesting app. Are you looking for a way to help to remove have little fun? Then you€™ve you’ve found the perfect app!
Using kids math is easy. On the screen you€™but easy to find and the complex equation like heroes, numbers, and animals made by the two equations ll. You ’you will find note that only additions and subtractions.
You guys are one of the animals with the same value as two equations to obtain a solution. For example, a plus equals two plus eight equals nine Penguin Penguin and rabbit you know, what do you know the value of the rabbit?
Reinforce basic math skills in mathematics and Boys Girls and boys to know the equations in an efficient way a very original and intuitive application.