KaraokeParty KaraokeParty

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Grab your mike and let the party begin!!

Licence: Free
Publisher: KaraokeParty Online Gaming AB


KaraokeParty description:

We gathered at a friend’s house, all of us ready to have fun, but … no karaoke! The problem is, thanks to Web 2.0 and flash technology, you can open the software like karaoke party game.
KaraokeParty with only a computer, a Mike, a karaoke experience, complete with and internet connection to enjoy.
Karaoke party song sung hundreds of ready Catalog of classics such as the Queen, and Celine Dion, we are continuing with a champion with heart, including the current newest songs.
You sing, the song is every bit as good as games like the Star Screen, since it appears like the lyrics karaoke singing games-known, it is better you will feel just as much at home as you will receive-Scoring and played at the same time.
There is no one with whom to share her wonderful voice? Don’t worry. Great songs sung by the karaoke party to evaluate and comment on society and other people like you can make comments about their performance.