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A Nintendo emulator in your browser!!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Ben Firshman


JSNES description:

Do you want to go back in time for classic Nintendo games, emulators and ROM, but to be forced to fight with?
Thanks to the power of JavaScript, now you can make your own browser directly with jsnes.
This emulator built entirely using JavaScript, so we have separate web browser and internet connection to play JSNES that comes with the ROM you do not need to use a thing.
Existing game-Man, Super Mario Bros, Tennis, Tetris 2 and Zelda, Zelda II, Tetris, Lemmings, there are lots of Mario, Mega Man, Pac Bubble Bobble, Contra, Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, Golf, legend has it.
With all this, JSNES memories of the true classics in the history of video games you can spend hours and hours with an emulator that adds.