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The easiest and most secure way to do 'microjobs'!

Version: 0.7.25
Licence: Free
Publisher: Fábrica de Jobs S.L.


jobMapp description:

Japan you micro jobs’, an application that provides access to a huge resource.’ Create a business proposal, or just to provide you with service whether you want this app, it will be easier for you.
You can create a specific job offer in the main interface of the application. You choose the fee you want to pay work-related business program, location, and other information i.e. ‘Bomberman’ if they are not interested or they’re buying.
In addition, Japan has to offer that lets you look at all the work created by other users. (Wages, working hours, etc.) You can see all the necessary information for this job. send a message to the job poster. If you are interested in the service, you can start working immediately.
combat work as well as the posters ‘jabber allows you to rate.’ In this way, the ones other users are reliable, beautiful, hardworking, etc you will know which. Last but not least, all payments are done through a secure application.