JamLegend JamLegend

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Impressive flash game resembling Guitar Hero!

Licence: Free
Publisher: JamLegend


JamLegend description:

A revolution Guitar Hero video game console, especially for music lovers was the cause; therefore, a space not often with this game JamLegend, a thing, even though gaming technology are adapted to the same as Guitar Hero, brings more than music for a better deal for the experience itself.
Today’s If must be regarded as one of the best online games every day with perfect scoring system options and game modes Guitar Hero song list grows if you combine a social network is very strong, adapted to the style of the game, and much more will be a remarkable facility. JamLegend Name.
When you log on JamLegend there are a lot of very attractive interface that provides access to the different modes of the game you’re presented with a color. The basic game mode you like best, using the full list yourself, or choose one of the hits provided by by leveraging this song. Next, select a level, basically need to hit 3,4 or 5 different keys during each song beatjam also there are different levels that have the key or strum to the beat with the colored keys supply only) or GuitarJam () occurs.
JamLegend adds new pieces every day, and then you can make a song to develop their skills in the competition against himself. Also compete against your friends through e-mail or even a piece of the competition in other words you play, save your score and try to surpass your score, send an email to the recipient that you chose to real-time online multiplayer you can create a contest.
This is undoubtedly at the moment, totally addictive, with an attractive design, is one of the best online games that brings you an unforgettable driving experience.
Provides access to a range of recording options, but, finally, it is not possible to play without registration.