HFSExplorer HFSExplorer

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Explore Mac partitions using Windows!

Version: 0.21
Licence: GNU
Publisher: Erik Larsson


HFSExplorer description:

If on a Macintosh machine if you are using Windows as the host operating system, Ma, you will notice that in Windows the partition is not readable.
Virtual operating system using Parallels virtualization merger or against one of the main disadvantages of the native installation.
Developed Java on the Mac that allows you to read, interesting, hfsexplorer application disk images formatted hard disks andCHANNEL (Mac OS Extended) and HFSX (Mac OS system files, including case-sensitive file names with Extended).
If you have different sections, includes a tool to identify and deal with them HFSExplorer files of the grocery store.
Without a doubt, the most interesting features (also UDF image and extract any files from the Mac partition to the disk .dmg files)