Gif Movie Gear Gif Movie Gear

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Edit and optimize animated GIFs!

Version: 4.2.3
Licence: Trial
Publisher: Gamani Productions

Gif Movie Gear
Gif Movie Gear
Gif Movie Gear

Gif Movie Gear description:

GIF Movie Gear animated GIFs in two ways to optimize the file size of the animation and editing the properties of the picture with a tool that allows you to work.
The number of frames, color, transparency, and speed of the animation you can change parts such as. Also a small using the brush tool, you can retouch the individual frames.
Existing colors in GIF Movie Gear, image reduction, by eliminating unnecessary frames, and the animation optimizes animations by making the transparent parts again.
The following program formats: Avi, BMP, DIB, PSD, PNG, and JPEG you can work with. Additionally, icons, cursors and animated cursors you can use to edit.