GeoGuess GeoGuess

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Explore the world and guess where GeoGuess will take you!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Anton Wallén


GeoGuess description:

If you have a good visual memory and if I want to be like Willys Fog, definitely the country in Google Maps (similar) GeoGuess have to guess, which puts you on a map, it will be like a simple game.
In this game, you twist and by expanding 360aº camera around your location to find the information that you have to guess. After learning where you were, you just have to mark it on the map on the right to tahminde press.
Close the actual location on a map, get more points and you get higher in the rankings I read that somewhere.
In addition to letting you play detective, this game is curious in a day is a great way to find a place you can visit in the country.