EMCO Unlock IT EMCO Unlock IT

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Now you can eliminate files blocked by processes!

Version: 3.0.4
Licence: Free
Publisher: Emco Software

EMCO Unlock IT

EMCO Unlock IT description:

285 predetermined Unlock allows you to unlock any file that is a small application that is used by a process.
If you often encounter problems when trying to remove files from your hard drive if you’re looking for the solution 285 may be Unlock.
Program: name, processing the file list, executable path, description, priority, virtual memory usage, startup time, etc using file provides detailed information about the process.
If you need to restart your computer then open the lock, or, alternatively, a file it’s up to you to decide if you want to destroy the blocking process.
Integrates into the Windows Shell 285 unlock, you need to check the check box at the bottom of the program. This popular program is a great alternative to PDF.