Echofon Echofon

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Update your Twitter account from Firefox!

Version: 1.8.7
Licence: Free
Publisher: Kazuho Okui


Echofon description:

Undoubtedly one of the keys to success on Twitter for the user account it is very easy for her to post all kinds of different ways.
One of the most important ways to do this Mozilla Firefox extension that you can use to don’t send anything to the browser. Called extension echofon (previously known as twitterfox).
This tool to send, receive updates about the person, or adds a small icon on the Firefox toolbar that you can use to read private messages.
In addition, Echofon allows you to add multiple accounts, so, for example, you can switch between your personal account and your business account using comfortable. In addition, Echofon () I don’t want to bother you if you’re looking to which you can disable any Web page and tweet the link to the notification system.