Desktop Activity Recorder Desktop Activity Recorder

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Video record what happens on the screen!

Version: 2.00
Licence: Free
Publisher: SpeedApps

Desktop Activity Recorder

Desktop Activity Recorder description:

If the other person is not until you find desktop activity Recorder, no doubt, the best way to describe someone who needs to do something on your own computer to show it, but this is difficult,or at least it was difficult.
Desktop activity Recorder and see what mind because you won’t have to explain it to break or your client is an application that will be perfect for both you and your friend.
It’s completely free and allows you to record screen activity .AVI file which can be played on any computer. If you would record the full screen, or select just a portion of it.
Save it as AVI or SWF, quality, and even add voice notes, set great to use and very easy. If anything keep that in mind if you need to explain.