Curtain Sim 2013 Curtain Sim 2013

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A curtain simulator. Nothing more, nothing less!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Animus Game

Curtain Sim 2013
Curtain Sim 2013
Curtain Sim 2013

Curtain Sim 2013 description:

Curtain SIM 2013 is, as the name suggests, a pair of curtains to simulate the behavior of a very strange game. Yes, that’s right a pair of curtains – behavior.
Who knows (or toy) this game controlling is very simple: you move the cursor over the curtain like the gust of the air will affect them. If not, click and hold the mouse button down, a black hole which is a way to tear off the curtains, to imitate.
Curtain SIM 2013 contains different levels of. Stick with the first two people relaxing on a sofa in a living room curtain that allows you to play normal. Then, a slaughterhouse, a ‘fuck’, and even a ninja ruthless offers a variety away a little more ridiculous: there are others.
Curtain SIM 2013 is one of the weirdest video games we found online. You will be sure to offer a unique experience in each place is why you should take a look because full.