Countdown Maker Countdown Maker

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Personalized coundowns in video format!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Trial
Publisher: Trimonix LLC

Countdown Maker

Countdown Maker description:

Do a countdown maker countdown for a period specified by the user and able to do the countdown in a video sequence is an interesting application for the Mac. You can set the maximum countdown time is 60 Minutes.
There are many options to personalize the countdown: the countdown is of a smaller size (always), such as a photo or video clip which will play while it is in progress, you can add a background of your choice. The image width must be smaller than 720 x higher. The application also supports the use of Alpha acetate.
The text is used to indicate that the countdown can also be changed. On your computer, it is possible to change to any font, size, color, and spacing that you can change.
I want to place the countdown on the computer screen where you can set custom shading effect also, you can enable a feature. Also you can change your clock, including zero or even milliseconds. The resulting actions causes the countdown clock to appear as a video clip that you made.