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Explore the web in an amazing way on Firefox and Safari!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Cooliris, Inc.


Cooliris description:

Previously known as piclens offers, multimedia content over the internet to discover various internet browsers that provide an interface that can be used in a plugin incredible.
Firefox version Google, Yahoo, AOL, Live, Picasa, Flickr, DeviantArt, Photobucket, FaceBook, MySpace, Hi5 and YouTube are web sites you can ask compatible 3D video and image Explorer contains with a large number of. Yes, you can watch YouTube videos by using a great interface.
The application is located in the upper right corner of the browser program. Media select Search, and then search for the words you want to add.
Offers, at the same time, it automatically allows you to view images in a presentation; the lower part displays miniatures of all images that are contained in.