Cookie Clicker Cookie Clicker

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Make cookies and amass a huge fortune completing missions!

Version: 1.0375
Licence: Free
Publisher: Orteil

Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker description:

With a single click Cookie Clicker is an addictive game where you have to create the chocolate chip cookie. To do this, just a big cookie press.
When you start the game, each click Add a cookie, and the more you win, click more. With just a single click in the end a specific number of upgrades which you can access by unlocking achievements, you will be able to create larger amounts of cookies.
Includes upgrades, Others will pop out of the cookie in seconds with just one click thousands, just farms or factories to produce the goods, and who will make cookies for an adorable lady among other vehicles.
Once again great to achieve the level of production, also you will be able to unlock the missions that will increase the production of cookies. Created by clicking on click on to create defining both the production and without it you will jump, ” he said.
Sometimes the game randomly oriented upgrade that will give you a small mini-cookies that appear on the screen click Manage. You will be able to add thousands of more cookies.