BleachBit BleachBit

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Eliminate browsing data and temporary files!

Version: 1.6
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: Andrew Ziem


BleachBit description:

Many programs, including the majority of web browsers, this may likely be useful at some point, while as time goes on, most of the time accumulate more disk space and only store temporary files.
BleachBit gives you the ability to quickly and easily eliminate all of the system data. Select all the data you want to keep and send the rest to be permanently deleted you can.
The program shall be regulated in accordance with the category they belong to temporary files. For example, Firefox’s cache, cookies and browser history in Firefox, you’ll find some of the elements in the category.
So much space before performing an irreversible action, this drain has a function that can be used to decide how you want to preview.
All these details BleachBit a quite useful application.