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Reduce the length of a web address!

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The advent of Windows Messenger and other restrictions on web addresses and Twitter messaging services, there has been a significant increase in the use of services URL to reconsider.
One of the most popular of these, only due to the reduction in the extent of the resulting URL but offers statistics hit at the same time.
Shortening, Shorten web address in the relevant field and entering the address is as easy as clicking on a button marked. The compressed URL will be instantly displayed.
Also, this link is shortened with a URL that you can retrieve it later to the history of this service will be added.
Another eye-catching feature to view the statistics of hits for each link, thus the link that allows you to analyze the effect of the publication probability.
You receive more options when you create a free account, and Twitter account by giving a link directly to your post Also, a history of shortened URLs can be accessed from anywhere there is log in to your account in a safe manner.