Billiards Billiards

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Fun billiards game to play on your own or with others!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Axifer Technologics


Billiards description:

Great playability due to its extreme simplicity and the most popular billiard games online billiards. Top ” and “Straight Pool” 8 available in two different modes: -‘.
8-Ball ‘mode’ the object before your opponent does (hit the ball first is determined by) a certain type of black balls and all of pocket.
All the while you can continue playing the right kind of the balls in the pocket. If it fails, or a false hit, you miss a turn. This mode (with two players) the CPU itself, or select multi-player you can play against.
Straight pool ‘mode, the object of the opponent’s type, and pocket more balls in any order anyway.
Returns received at 8-Ball mode is similar to, but not defined with the type of shot ball, not being able to pocket the right ball, you won’t miss a turn.
Played alone this mode, the CPU (two players) players may be opposed by a number of.
Billiards, also de-balls being hit with background music and authentic sound effects can be activated.