Audacity X Audacity X

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Multitrack and multiplatform audio editor!

Version: 2.1.0
Licence: GNU
Publisher: Audacity Team

Audacity X
Audacity X

Audacity X description:

Audacity multi-X character because one of the editors of the most widely used audio. Whatever Linux, Windows or Mac if you are using enjoy the features on any platform and is completely free.
In addition, multi-channel and multi-format, any audio format, with different pieces and styles as you can work at the same time and save the output file.
If an input mixer or if you have a microphone you can use it as voice audio to your creations. Can capture 16 different channels at the same time.
X audacity WAV, WAV, AU, and OGG Vorbis supports. If you need to install the Lame encoder if you want to work with MP3 files.
Cut, copy, paste, what you want and create your own audio masterpiece, Echo, fade, flip, add.
If these features are not enough for you if you feel that some plugins install and power.