Ascension Ascension

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A psychological horror adventure full of frights!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Magnesium Ninja Studios


Ascension description:

Ascension chose the worst day possible for his sick daughter to work with him, Atticus was a strange complex, a security guard to play (but two dimensions) Resident Evil a horror game in the same direction.
After the start of the day, it’s not that long a strange thing happens, and the girl disappears. From now on, your goal is whatever it takes to find him a flashlight, intelligence, and above all, your courage will be weighted.
All these adventure very dark, two-dimensional scenes, always the fear and tension, instead of being more open to convey invisible using. So, therefore, I walk carefully into place in each room and shooting everything that moves-breaking Ascension.
Ascension is a very good adventure and horror game. The gaming environment is made up of pixels made completely perfect harmony with elegant graphics, this game is so much fun.