Algodoo Algodoo

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Learning and inventing has never been so funny!

Version: 2.0.1
Licence: Trial
Publisher: Algoryx Simulation AB


Algodoo description:

Algodoo just a great time learning, you can invent and try new things like Interactive Games Workshop, and of course it works, their video games or other players this game is an educational tool.
The application is carefully designed with an attention to detail that is evident from the beginning, starting with the interface. Simple, clean, and perfectly adapted to the needs of small children. As you will discover tons of possibilities at hand any adult user hides or does not include any information, however that mean.
Only features a bit exaggerated because they don’t practice this on algodoo exactly how to make the most of things, it includes in itself good training.
Once you start playing with physics and modify it, and fun options, you can start creating projects. Once this is done, by using the internet can be easily shared with people around the world. You can also download the project and play them with the other user.
Algodoo to create, invent, discover, learn, in short, that allows you to spend their free time programming the game… very complete game and a training tool, a teacher, a business device and gaming partner. All-in-one.