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The official Alexa toolbar, now also for Firefox!

Version: 1.7.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Alexa

Alexa Sparky

Alexa Sparky description:

If you are a webmaster, or if he knows a lot about the internet, probably an international reference website that lists a ranking of the world’s most visited web sites you’re familiar with. organized by country or language lists and rankings are completely free and any you can find reliable web site traffic statistics. To collect this data, -that aside, it uses a plugin from sending data to the web browser, visit any web site makes it easy for users to keep track of Statistics.
With Alexa Sparky, you visit a small toolbar that allows you to see a graphic representation of changes in driving traffic to any website is added to a Firefox.
However, at the same time directly provided by Alexa, by Alexa classified as similar in any website, traffic information, and links to websites you can access some services, such as the overall appearance of web sites.