Al Pie de la Letra Al Pie de la Letra

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Show off everything you know about music!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Koala de Development

Al Pie de la Letra
Al Pie de la Letra
Al Pie de la Letra

Al Pie de la Letra description:

Al Pie de la Letra, or reading (by pressing the grey button in the center) after listening to a few lines of a song, a musical that you will have to guess how to type on the screen and continue the game. The ear (hard) as simple.
The game has nine different levels, each level with twenty songs. After you install the game you will have to guess that means 180 different songs. Also a wide range of Spanish language singers, Mana and Joaquin Sabina Rocio Jurado, Jennifer and Joan Manuel Serrat you will find La3pez.
The average music lover to move to the next level at least twelve twenty songs it shouldn’t be too difficult for the current level, you’ll have to guess.
Al Pie de la Letra it’s a fun game that brings hours of free musical entertainment pretty. In addition, the game interface is completely adapted for iOS devices.